Frequently Asked Questions
How to register for FreeFire?
To register successfully, you have to go through 3 phases-
A. Complete The Registration Form -Register Here
B. Verify Your Account Via Email
C.Join A Squad Or Build Your Own Squad
Detailed Procedure given below:-
A.Complete The Registration Form
  • Go to
  • Click on the Register button
  • Fill out the Registration form Carefully and click on sign-up button.
B.Verify Your Account Via Email
  • You will receive an activation email to the email id you have mentioned while filling the registration form.
  • Activate your account and come back to the website and login with email id and password.
C.Build Your Own Squad Or Join A Squad
  • Create your Squad.
  • Invite your team members by putting their Registered Username / email * (Captain need to ask their team members to register and then provide their Username or email id and once invited tell them to accept the invitation from their notification)
  • You can see all the join team requests in notification tab, Once you accept all the team members in a team. You need to have a minimum of 4 members in a team.
  • Join a team.
  • Enter The Squad ID You Have Received From Your Captain.
  • Once done, a request will be sent to the Captain of that team. Ask him/her to check his/her notification to accept it.
  • Once Registration is complete,You will receive a new pop up with a discord link, Join the discord channel for more updates and announcements regarding Campus Championship.
Who are eligible to play in FreeFire?
i)Must be an indian citizen.
ii)Must have a valid passport.
iii)The Participant should have at least completed 13 years of age on 12th Oct
iv)Must have a FreeFire game account.
Will there be any registration fee to participate in the tournament?
No, there is no registration fee to participate in Freefire Tournament.
I am a desktop client user can I participate in this event?
No, this tournament is exclusively for Mobile Participants.
How can i claim the prize-money?
The winning team will receive a form in their registered email account and the participant must fill the form and reply back to the same email with appropriate bank details and the payment will be processed within 60 working days from the day of successful submission of the required details.
Will there be a tax reduction on the winning prize-money?
Yes, 30% out of the winning prize-money will be deducted at source (TDS) in accordance with government regulations.
What is the FreeFire user id or character id and where can I find it?
FreeFire user id a 10-digit unique number assigned to each FreeFire mobile users. To find your character id
1) Open the game.
2) Click on your profile name on left side top.
3) You can find 10-digit character id in the gallery section.
I have a problem registering my team, where should I contact the admins?
You can contact us by sending an email to or joining the discord channel or using web chat application.
I have successfully joined the event with full squad/team what should i do next?
Once you successfully joined the event, there will be a check-in period on #date#, where you have to open the event page and click on the check-in button to confirm your participation in the tournament.
What are the rules for this tournament?
You can find all the rules & regulation in this link - Rules
What is the schedule of this tournament?
You can find the schedule in this link - Schedule