Rules of the Game
1. Participants
1.1. Eligibility
You are eligible to take part in FreeFire – India Today League if you are:
1. Of age 13 and above
2. An India Citizen currently residing in India
3. Only required to take outbound flight from India for International Representation
1.2. Player Accounts
Participants are to utilize their own accounts, and their own unique survivor name, for competing in tournaments conducted by Garena. Each participant will be locked to his/her registered player account for the remainder of the tournament, and will not be allowed to switch to another player account under any circumstances.
A participant’s player name has to be unique. Garena may also refuse any player name that are deemed vulgar, offensive, discriminatory, or to be infringing on any copyrights.
1.2.1. Multi-accounts (Smurfing)
If an individual participant is found to be participating in a tournament under the name of multiple registered player accounts, the participant and all his/her accounts will be immediately disqualified.
1.2.2. Player Account Restrictions
A minimum account level requirement is imposed on all Garena tournaments. All player accounts have to be at least Level 10 at the time of registration in order to be eligible for registration.
No rank requirements are imposed for registration.
No skill, loadout, costumes, fashion, vault, or collection restrictions or requirements are imposed. Players are free to equip any items and skills in any combination in each game.
No character requirements or restrictions are imposed. Players are free to use any characters, regardless of character level, in each game.
1.2.3 Tournament Accounts (on-site offline server)
During offline events, Garena officials may provide tournament accounts for each participant. These accounts will be pre-loaded onto every mobile device, and participants must use the tournament accounts to compete.
Players who log out of the tournament accounts for any reason will incur one infraction point.
1.3. Teams
A team's name does not have to be unique. However, Garena reserves the right to refuse teams names that are similar to well-known teams or clans.
Garena may also refuse any team name that are deemed vulgar, offensive, discriminatory, or to be infringing on any copyrights. If an offending team does not change its name adequately, Garena reserves the right to freely change the team’s name, or immediately disqualify the offending team.
1.3.1 Changing team names
Upon successful registration, a team may not change its team name for the remainder of the tournament. Teams may change their name at any time between different tournaments.
1.3.2. Multi-teaming
Each participant can be a member of only one team in a tournament. Participants are free to switch teams between different tournaments.
1.3.3. Substitutions
A tournament may or may not allow substitutes to be registered in the roster. If a team’s roster contains substitutes, they may only conduct substitutions in between matches. No substitution is allowed while a game is process.
1.3.4. Team Logos
A tournament may or may not require teams to have a unique team logo. If a team logo is required, the logo has to be of sufficient quality and etiquette, as deemed appropriate by Garena.
1.3.5. Sponsors/partnerships
Garena reserves the right to prohibit or remove teams with sponsors or partners that are solely or widely known for pornographic, drug use or other adult/mature themes and products from Garena tournaments at any time.
2. Tournament Rules
Registered teams, each consisting of 4-5 players, will first be entered into the “Qualifier” stage. Each Qualifier may be comprised of multiple stages, requiring teams to compete in sets-of-1/sets-of-4/sets-of-6/etc Rounds. Teams will be ranked on points assigned for their placements and kill counts at the end of each Round. Top 12 teams will of each set will proceed to the next stage/main Tournament.
Each tournament will require teams to compete in sets-of-1/sets-of-4/sets-of-6/sets-of-8 Rounds. Teams will be ranked on points assigned for their placements and kill counts at the end of each Round. Points will be awarded based on a standard scoring table
2.1. Scoring Table
Squads (teams of 4) Scoring Table
20 Points Per Kill
2.1.1. Tiebreakers
If there are two or more teams tied on points at the end of a series, the tiebreaker will be decided by their placement points. If the teams are also tied on placement points, the teams will be ranked according to their placements in the last game of the series (e.g. ranking in 7th game in a Best-of-7, ranking in 5th game in a Best-of-5, etc)
2.2. Other Mobile Apps
During the course of each game, participants are not allowed to have any other apps running in the background. As long as the participant or any of his/her team members are still alive in the game, they are not allowed to minimize the FreeFire Battlegrounds app.
If participants are using devices loaned to them by the Tournament officials or organizers, they are not allowed to download or install any apps onto the device. Offenders will incur one infraction point.
2.2.1. App Notifications
Participants are not allowed to receive notifications on their mobile device during the course of each match. Offenders will incur one infraction point.
If a participant receives information on an on-going match that his/her team is competing it, the team will be immediately disqualified.
2.2.2. In-game Communications
Participants are to use the in-game voice chat function to communicate with their teammates in-game. Usage of any third party apps are not allowed. Offenders will incur one infraction point.
If the in-game voice chat service is not available, Garena officials will designate a third-party app for all participants to use. The choice of app or voice chat service used is subject to the sole discretion of Garena officials.
2.3. Equipment
2.3.1. Device Peripherals
Participants are allowed to use any joystick, mobile phone case, matte screen protectors, or any other peripherals so long as they do not modify the game’s controls. (e.g. Peripherals which add shoulder buttons for firing weapons). Participants have to rely solely on the game’s on-screen controls. Offenders will incur one infraction point, and have to remove the offending equipment.
2.3.2. Headphones
Participants are required to use headphones throughout each game during the tournament. A participant may not take off their headphones so long as their team is still active (at least one member alive) in the game. Offenders will incur one infraction point.
If the Tournament’s organizers do not provide headphones, participants are required to bring their own headphones.
2.3.3. PC Emulators
Participants are not allowed to use PC emulators to emulate FreeFire Battlegrounds for any tournament games.
Offenders and their team will be immediately disqualified.
2.3.4. On-stage Devices
An event may provide devices for the participants to use. The umpires may choose, at their sole discretion, to enforce all participants to use the provided devices for competition.
If a participant is using a Garena-provided device, they are not allowed to disconnect any cables or devices.
Any changes made to the device configuration, connections, and cabling will result in two infraction points. If a participant, with or without intention, disconnects any cabling and suffers network/gameplay difficulties, they will not be offered any remake or pauses.
2.4. Network
Each Tournament’s organizers may or may not provide WiFi networks for participants to connect to. Tournament organizers will announce WiFi availability during registration. If there are no tournament provided networks, participants are required to source for their own internet connections.
Tournament organizers may also make it mandatory for all participants to be connected to the tournament-provided WiFi for tournament matches. Offenders who do not comply will incur 1 infraction point.
2.4.1. Disconnections
Participants are not allowed to intentionally cause a disconnection during a game. Offenders will incur one infraction point.
If a participant is disconnected due to network issues, they are allowed to reconnect back to the game while the match is still ongoing. Participants are not allowed to request for a pause or a remake due to a disconnection.
However, Garena officials may consider a remake, at their sole discretion, under one of the following conditions:
  • Game server failure - all players are unable to reconnect
  • If 10 players or more are disconnected at the same time due to network issues
2.4.2. High Ping
If a participant is competing using his own network connection, the participant is solely responsible for the quality of his/her internet connection. Participants are not allowed to request for a pause or a remake due to high ping or poor network conditions.
When using network connection provided by Garena, Garena officials may consider a remake, at their sole discretion, under one of the following conditions:
  • Game server issues - all players are suffering high ping or lag in-game
  • If 20 players or more are deemed by officials to be suffering from high ping or lag
2.5. Punctuality
All participants are to report to the Tournament’s organizers within the requested time frame.
  • Teams which are late for up to 15 minutes will incur one infraction point.
  • Teams which are late for up to 30 minutes will incur two infraction point.
  • Teams which are late for more than 30 minutes will be immediately disqualified
2.5.1. Delays
Tournament organizers are not obliged to delay any game from starting on schedule to accommodate late teams. If a round has started before a participating team’s arrival, the late team will forfeit that round.
Tournament organizers may delay any game at their sole discretion, owing to extenuating circumstances such as difficult weather, crowd control, or game server issues.
3. Infraction Points
Teams will accumulate infraction points for their members’ offenses. Penalties for infraction points are:
  • 1~3 points: Verbal Warnings
  • 4 points and above: Immediate Disqualification
The above penalties apply for all teams regardless of team size (Squads, Duos, or Solos).
4. Global Rules
4.1. General
All decisions regarding the interpretation of the following rules lie exclusively with Garena, the decisions of which are final.
4.2. Code of Conduct
All participants of FreeFire tournaments are required to abide by the following code of conduct. Failure to adhere to the code can result in warnings, fines, or even disqualification, as deemed appropriate by Garena and/or its officials.
4.2.1. Competitive Integrity
All participants are expected to play at their best at all times within any match of FreeFire in any tournaments conducted by Garena. Offenders who violate this rule will be subject to penalties at the sole discretion of Garena officials. The following examples are a non-exhaustive list of offenses:
  • Collusion - Participants who cooperate with others, including other competing participants to cheat or deceive and gain an unfair advantage are guilty of collusion. Acts of collusion include, but are not limited to:
    Soft play - Any agreement among participants to not play at a reasonable or expected standard of competition in a game
    Prior arrangements to split prize money and any other forms of compensation
    Receiving information and signals from outside sources during a match
    Deliberately losing any match for compensation
  • Hacking - Any modification of the Garena FreeFire game client, including using any 3rd party apps to grant in-game advantages
  • Exploiting - Deliberate abuse of in-game bug to gain an advantage
  • Looking at spectator monitors or mobile phones of other participants
  • Smurfing - Using another player or participant’s account
  • Intentional disconnect without any officials’ approval
4.2.2. Sportsmanship and Proper Behavior
Participants may not use language that is obscene, foul, vulgar, insulting, threatening, abusive, libelous, defamatory, or otherwise offensive or objectionable, in or near the match area. Participants are not allowed to use this type of language during any public-facing events, such as interviews. Each offense will incur one to two infraction points, as deemed appropriate by officials.
Abuse of Garena officials, other participants, or audience members will not be tolerated. Repeated violations, including but not limited to verbal abuse, touching another participant’s devices, body, or property will result in infraction point penalties. Participants and their guests (if any) must treat all individuals attending a match with respect.
4.3. Use of Participants’ Image and Media
By joining any tournaments organized by Garena, all teams and participants will allow Garena to use their image (team logos, participant photos, interview videos etc.) in promotional materials.
4.4. Ownership Restrictions
Team Owners shall not have an interest in more than one team participating in the Finals of any official Garena tournament. “Finals” are defined as the final round matches to be played between 12 teams to determine the champion of any Garena tournament.
An “interest” can be defined as any of the following: a direct or indirect financial interest, or status as an officer, manager, director, stockholder, or any other role whereby a person directly participates in the operations of such teams.
Garena reserves the right to make the final determination regarding Team ownership.
If an Owner, or an affiliate of the owner is found to have interest in multiple teams, the Owner will be required to immediately divest said interest in one of the two Teams. Garena may also choose to, at its sole discretion, to punish the Owner and the teams.